Faction Alignments: Lawful Good, Good, Chaotic Good

Considered the keepers of balance.


  •  Orcs

  • Goblinoid Races

  • The Zhentarim

  • The Cult of the Dragon

The idea behind the Harpers was conceived by several Myth Drannan elven military leaders in collusion with a few trusted human rangers and druids. The mage Dathlue Mistwinter agreed to lead such a group in 324 DR at the head of a council which also included a (relatively) young Elminster Aumar. They took for their symbol Mistwinter's family crest - a silver harp between the horns of a crescent moon and would meet at twilight at secret locations in the Elven Court, earning them their moniker - the Harpers at Twilight.

The Harpers were said to be 'overwhelmed' by the Spellplague and the ensuing chaos of the Wailing Years. Many died, others vanished, and those who survived were cut off from one another, so they focused solely on the perils that threatened their homes and neighbors. While the original organization was divided and its members scattered across the continent, the hope of returning the Harpers to their former glory has never died.

In 1478 DR, the Harpers of Waterdeep were led by a Harper agent known as the "Fisher", who was actually a double agent working for the Zhentarim to undermine Harper operations. Although Tam Zawad and other Harpers were able to bring the "Fisher" to justice, he had done great damage to the Harpers of Waterdeep. By 1486 DR, Zawad was still dealing with corrupt Harpers within his Harper cell.

The Harpers operated mainly in the North Faerûn, along the Sword Coast, the Western Heartlands and the Dalelands. The group itself was extremely decentralized and the nearest thing they had to a base of operations was Twilight Hall in Berdusk. An often employed means of achieving their goals was assisting adventurers who were on quests that would further Harper interests. Due to the influence of the Moonstars, the Harpers had a relatively small amount of influence within the City of Splendors around 1372 DR. They had roughly 120 members at any time within the city's walls.

Harpers Code:

⦁ Harpers work against villainy and wickedness wherever they find it, but they work ever mindful of the consequences of what they do.
⦁ All beings should walk free of fear, with the right to live their lives as they wish.
⦁ The rule of law aids peace and fosters freedom, so long as the laws are just and those who enforce them lenient and understanding.
⦁ No extreme is good. For freedom to flourish, all must be in balance: the powers of realms, the reaches of the cities and the wilderlands into each other, and the influence of one being over another.
⦁ Whatever it takes, a Harper will do. Pride never rules the deeds of a true Harper.
⦁ Freedom is a multiversal right, though Harpers can spare themselves less freedom than those they work to protect when the need presents itself.
⦁ Harpers police their own. A Harper who hears the call of personal power can no longer hear the sweet song of the harp. A Harper who seizes power, and holds it above all else, is a traitor to the harp. Traitors must die for freedom to live.
⦁ Without a past, no being can appreciate what they have, and where they may be going.


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