The purpose of these rules is to provide an Out of Character (OOC) understanding and a set of guidelines that all players will agree to adhere to. This is to promote a healthy environment for everyone and encourage fun and fair play.

  • Adult themed characters only. We are an adult rated sim and therefore will not allow for any child avatars or underage play. This is non-negotiable. If you are found to appear child-like or be playing a youth that is under our 18+ age guideline, you will be asked to change by a staff member. If you refuse, you will be removed.

  • Appearances are outlined for each race, we expect players to adhere to these guidelines (see expanded character rules for details). Some exceptions can be made, though we do ask you to consult a moderator or administrator if you have them.

  • Avatars must be dressed appropriately for the setting of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms.

  • No furries, cartoons, cyborgs or my little ponies. If you are a race that is not listed on our character creation page, it is currently not permitted as a player based avatar.

  • No hypersexualized / fetishized characters. (eg: No over-sized bulges, massive breasts, bulge armor, etc.) Please use common sense. The moderators will enforce this rule on a case-by-case basis when it is felt that someone has stepped over the line.

  • Each player is permitted a maximum of 2 character slots on the HUD. You will not be able to play both simultaneously. Instances of godmodding, metagaming or powergaming via abuse of the multiple character feature will result in the loss of a secondary character in the sim.

  • Player discovered exploits will be undoubtedly found. These will eventually be rectified and our sincere thanks are given to those who point them out to us. Those who attempt to abuse any discovered exploitation will have all benefits from the exploit revoked once discovered.

  • Staff members are there to guide players through the lore, sim rules or combat mechanics as requested. Ask them if you need clarification on anything; it is what they're here for. Ignorance to our rules is not an acceptable defense and may result in consequences should a player violate the standards of the sim.

  • It is not the goal of the Chronicles of Waterdeep staff to interfere with the progression of storyline roleplay. The job of our staff members is to help mediate when requested and to come to a solution when rules have been broken. Sim staff will NOT interfere in any scene that has not directly violated sim rules, nor will they attempt to rescue players from a scene or situation they are not happy in.

  • The Chronicles of Waterdeep staff will operate on a "three-strike" system for players who violate our rules. This means that a player will receive two verbal warnings from staff regarding their behavior before receiving a personal message, if the negative behavior persists beyond that point, in which the offender will be ejected or face a temporary/permanent ban from the sim.

  • We strongly advise players to enable Second Life's option to auto-log local chat. This allows you to have a documented record of roleplay if it should ever be required in a moderation situation. In such cases if we do not have the logs as evidence, we cannot rule accurately and you may experience a negative outcome. Please understand that we have to rule on the information we have at hand and we cannot take word of mouth alone as concrete proof if a situation occurs while tempers are high.


  • Be aware that the Chronicles of Waterdeep is a privately owned sim. We have the right to eject and/or ban ANY player at our discretion. Though this is possible, the moderation and administration team will always endeavor to give every player the opportunity to correct issues before we exercise our right to expunge them. Our goal isn't to remove those who disagree with us; it is to foster a healthy environment where people feel safe and comfortable exploring their D&D story with others. If we feel that your behavior is harmful to the players or the sim, we will act immediately.


  • We expect those who enter to know the basics of roleplay. You should understand the difference between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character) and behave accordingly. This means you understand that what happens IC isn't necessarily a reflection of how someone may behave or think OOC.


  • All players are to be treated with respect and as equals OOC.


  • OOC harassment will result in the aggressor being given a warning, continued OOC harassment will result in a ban for a set period of time or more depending on the severity of the situation.


  • All OOC profanity and abuse will be met with immediate ejection without moderation. Continued behavior will result in a period of banishment or worse.


  • IC action is not to be used to drive OOC conflict and vice-versa. If you are guilty of this, you will face consequences for your actions.


  • NPC characters may be used for flavor in roleplay (RP), however, they have no stats and cannot attack, defend or give any kind of meaningful assistance should a fight arise.


  • The Chronicles of Waterdeep D&D role-play is done on a turn-based system. Once you've made your response, wait for others in the scene to react and give their own response before you add any more flavor or story to the scene.


  • If your roleplay is being directed in a manner that you are not comfortable with, we strongly advise you to inform the player involved in the scene with you quietly in IMs and try to find a solution. Be respectful, and if you both cannot come to an agreeable work around, contact a moderator for assistance in mediation.


  • Players are free to Fade To Black (FTB) on intense scenes they are not comfortable with acting out provided that they understand it does not void the story or incident from happening. Fade To Black is an OOC agreement to gloss over uncomfortable events while still allowing them to occur.


  • Roleplaying is a cooperative experience; it depends almost entirely upon interactions with others. Your attitude toward the sim and others that are participating in creating stories with you is of utmost importance. Player conduct should remain respectful as the players represent the sim and, under no circumstance, should anyone be speaking poorly of any other sim, player or system.


  • Conflict in roleplay is always welcome and encouraged. However, if there is constant aggression (daily and multiple attempts throughout the day) that affects a person's ability to be able to respond to the conflict appropriately, it will be construed as OOC driven targeted harassment. Give people time to do other kinds of roleplay to build up to your conflict driven plot and try not to constantly engage in open hostility with every single encounter.


  • Moderators will only rule on issues that break the OOC laws of the sim.


  • Moderators cannot moderate their own role play scenes.


  • Moderators may only be called by a player that is directly involved in the scene.


  • When a moderator rules on an issue, that ruling is absolutely final and there will be no appeals permitted. You may, however, express your concern about the ruling to an Administrator if you believe it was biased.


  • The goal of a moderator is to aid in role-play going forward. They will not rescue anyone from a role-play situation. Their job is to smooth out any broken rule issues from an OOC standpoint and get role-play moving again.