Year Turning Celebration

1st of Hammer, 1490 DR

Dock Ward - The citizens of Waterdeep celebrated the Year Turning during a pub crawl through the Dock Ward. The celebration, sponsored by House Amcathra, featured the finest food and drink the City of Splendor has to offer. Citizens enjoyed different drinks at each location that would have varying psychological effects.

Beginning at the Ship’s Prow, hosted by Brux, party goers enjoyed mixed drinks and delicious food. The pub crawl then moved to the Blue Mermaid where hostess Cleo Poppins delighted guests with her latest wines. After having their fill of wine, and some friendly fistacuffs, the festivities continued at the bathhouse, newly acquired by Naal Abernathy and renamed Eudemonia. In various states of undress and inebriation the party continued to the early morning hours. Happy Year Turning!