Unearthed Experiments

2nd of Marpenoth, 1489 DR

The Yawning Portal commissioned two teams to excavate further into the Undermountain. The first team, having been sent out to protect a group of miners, triggered several traps, but managed to keep damages to a minimum. What followed was a goblin ambush. Whereas one adventurer nearly succumbed to their injuries, they managed to deal with the monsters in an orderly fashion.

The second team discovered a storage room. Within, they found two goblins who they managed to squeeze information out of regarding a bandit leader. The man was described as a “human with leather clothes and fancy boots.” They allowed the goblins to leave before further investigating the chamber they had happened upon, uncovering items seemingly belonging to prison guards. Furthermore, they stumbled upon a Red Wizard of Thay amidst a magical experiment revolving the use of blood. She surrendered without a fight and was detained.

That very same group uncovered two other chambers containing grisly devices, and an undead body strapped to a table, seemingly used for magical experimentation. While several devices were demolished by the group and the undead creature destroyed, they retrieved a set of coin-shaped phylacteries that were taken to the Blackstaff Tower for further study.