Shadowy Figures and Strange Creatures

12th of Hammer, 1490 DR

Noble Ward - A large purple worm was unleashed on the outskirts of the city. A strange, shadowy entity appeared in conjunction with its arrival. It called itself a 'collector.' After the purple worm was restrained by a group of nearby adventurers, the entity revealed that a tear in the mortal plane had opened, and that several more creatures had leaked through from a place known as the Menagerie.

Citizens and adventurers of Waterdeep are advised to use caution if they encounter any of those creatures or tenebrous ‘collectors’ as their intentions and abilities are not fully understood. It is unknown at this time if these creatures are violent by nature and will attack on sight or frightened.

OOC - This adventure is not part of the Kryptgarden storyline. Contact Aeliryn in-world for more information.