Mushrooms and Spiders

22nd of Eleint, 1489 DR

Unaware their settlement in Skullport had been obliterated, the orcs of the Broken Tusks tribe ventured down to the 4th level of the Undermountain, seeking passage back into the Port of Shadows. On their way down, however, they ran into Lolthian drow who, after some coercing, agreed to aid them in the war efforts against the Mandible. Further, into the Twisted Caverns, the expediting orcs came upon a settlement of myconid.

These mushroom people were eventually persuaded to join their alliance in tow.

Deeper in the Farm Level, the Mandible pressed upwards, fighting their way through undead stragglers until they happened upon another settlement of myconid, now agreeing to assist their cause. Soon, they brokered a deal to help the myconid fight the drow menace on the 4th level, and in return, see the people of Skullport fed throughout the siege.