Kryptgarden Chronicles

31st of Hammer, 1490 DR

Kryptgarden Chronicles - A party had recently hired a tiefling 'dragon expert' and rogue to help them claim the book of Caliban from the Admantine mine in Kryptgarden. The tiefling however, betrayed them and stole the book. She later gave it to a druid who had taken it to the Endless Ice. The Rosznars returned yesterday, with a band of adventurers, to find out what happened. In the process, they were able to banish the dragon, then set up an ambush for its return. After a brutal fight, the dragon was killed. Upon investigation the party realized the book had been taken. Kryptgarden is now empty and quiet. Scouts have been slaughtered, wyvern subdued, Caliban is gone, book is gone, dragon is slain. Even Prospero has fled. It is a desolate forest now. Haunted with painful memories.