Honor the fallen

24th of Hammer, 1490 DR

Astral Plane - A daring group of adventurers embarked on a mission to the Astral Plane intent on destroying a large creature that had been set loose to wreak havoc. Boarding two spelljammers the party escorted a larger, explosive-laden vessel to be used in destroying the creature.

Navigating a field of ruined debris they came upon their prey, a massive Astral Juggernaught. The behemoth was larger than anything they encountered before. Had the hunters become the prey? A fierce battle ensued which lay waste to the two spelljammers. After a protracted engagement, they were able to destroy the creature by sending the explosive-ladened ship into it.

The brave Paladin Vyse sacrificed himself to ensure success. He freely laid down his life to protect his comrades and the citizens of Waterdeep. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.