Attempted Kidnapping

3rd of Hammer, 1490 DR

Dock Ward - The peace experienced during the Year Turning Celebration did not last. On Saturday morning , what is described as a Barbarian Minotaur assaulted and attempted to kidnap a young gypsy woman out for a morning stroll. As the Minotaur attempted to flee the scene with the woman over his shoulder passers by gave chase. The scoundrel used the woman as an improvised weapon to distract the would-be rescuers and escaped the scene.

The woman was shaken but mostly unharmed. She stated the Minotaur “liked the hooman’s shiny gown”. The beast wore a skull helmet and carried a large weapon on his back was all the woman was able to describe. The Guard asks citizens to be vigilant when walking the streets of the Dock Ward. The woman’s identity is being withheld for her own protection.