The year is 1489 DR, and The City of Splendor is bustling with life. Yet the continent of Faerûn, still reeling from the negative effects of the spellplague that occurred only a few years prior, doesn't have the luxury of peace to rebuild and restore normalcy. The Sword Coast is once again in great peril, and at the heart of it, Waterdeep has become a refuge for an influx of displaced people. A shelter for those cast out from their homes with nowhere else to go, those seeking to fight and regain what was lost, and those that look to turn back the tide of the great evil that threatens to throw all of Faerûn and the world itself into Chaos.

The Cult of the Dragon, an evil organization founded by a wizard known as Sammaster, gave prophecy that undead dragons shall one day inherit the world. However, a new leader has risen to power within the cult recently and promptly made a correction to the prophecy; instead of just the undead, all living dragons shall inherit the world. To fulfill this new prophecy, the cult has become more active and aggressive with their schemes. Chromatic Dragons have been spotted in the skies of Faerûn, and bands of mercenaries, led by purple robed figures, spread wanton violence and destruction across the lands. In particular, the world was shocked by complete devastation of the town of Greenest by the cult and lightning blasts from an adult blue dragon. The few survivors spoke of mercenaries, kobolds and giant lizards ransacking and stealing anything of value, leaving any standing structure a burnt-out husk of what it once was.

As the stories of these events, and more similar yet over, began to spread through-out the Sword Coast, large bands of refugees sought the protection and safety of larger, more well-defended cities. Waterdeep, at the center of it all, finds its city walls swell with the influx of every race and religion, as well as the arrival of different factions. The Lord's Alliance, The Harpers, The Order of the Gauntlet, The Emerald Enclave and more in hopes of combining their collective efforts to bring an end to the Cult's ambitions.