Blackstaff Academy is a partnership of magic-users that forms a place to pool magical knowledge and resources, in the hopes that the greatest magical minds - no matter their origin or nature, could come together and achieve new feats or attain new discoveries; all to further the knowledge, power and limits of magic without bias.

Faction Alignments: Any Alignment


Blackstaff Tower (previously Arunsun Tower; renamed by Khelben in 1322 DR), was the home of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun. The forbidding structure is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. It was also the home of his apprentices and his consort Laeral Silverhand. The tower was protected against scrying magic and has the ability to heal itself if damaged.

After the death of Khelben, his heirs to the title of Blackstaff used the tower as both a home and a place of power. In fact, the tower became so linked to the Blackstaff that, upon the death of their master, the heir must immediately travel to the tower. On at least two occasions, the Blackstaff died outside of the tower and the heir was driven insane until they returned to the tower.

In 1415 DR, the fourth Blackstaff, Krehlan Arunsun, modified Blackstaff Tower using the kiira N'Vaelhar to allow templates of the spirits of each former Blackstaff to communicate with anyone in the tower, and with the Blackstaff where he or she was. The templates were a permanent illusion of the spirit of each Blackstaff; in visible form, the template appeared as the Blackstaff did in life but with a green glow. While in the tower, the Blackstaff was also aware of every person in the tower or within a few feet of the tower.

The tower contained the following artifacts:
• The Fanged Tome of Lykanthus Szar
• The Annals Adamarus
• Alaundo's Loop

Current Leadership:

While all members of Blackstaff Academy are equal - there is still a hierarchy among the leading body of the organization. The Blackstaff acts as the headmaster or president of the organization - while the Magic-Council hosts magical representatives from many races/origins through which decisions are made that impact the Guild's fate. There are also those which serve the Guild as their profession - like a librarian/researcher for the magic library, a guard/tinkerer for the magic vault, or a teacher of magical classes.

Despite attempting to remain neutral in the affairs of the world as an organization - the Academy's individual members are known to range from the most obscure and lowly of sorcerers to the most prominent and influential of wizards. No subject or spell is off limits - so long as reason and order are applied to any practice, and the Academy rules are followed. Thus, in some rooms the art of elemental conjuration may be taught - while in another corridor a necromancer furthers research into their dark craft.